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Lugano (CH)
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Why us

Finance is all around us! The whole world is ruled by financial markets, financial entities and financial decisions making the knowlege of finance crucial nowadays. If you're not interested in finance, finance will be interested in you!

What we do

Our community of Bachelor, Master, Phd students of unique and different faculties as well as specialized professionals from different sectors allow us to follow our interests on big scale. We promote financial theoretical knowlege as well as practical skills among our members creating simultaneously a comunity and a strong connection to the real financial world. We also keep track of our members archivements and will promote them.


Every semester we organize three kind of events in order to increase theoretical knowlege and practical skills. The third kind allows us to have fun together and know each other better.
Learning: We meet professionals from different sectors who will teach us some key points about their work and experience or we will follow some interactive classes with banks and or other entities.
Skills: Often we offer short classes 'Students for Students' where it is possible to learn or improve some financial work related skills.
Network: It is important to us to keep our community alive by organizing 'fun' events where our members can meet each other in an informal way by having fun.

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Our weekly 1 page reports encorporate an analysis about the most importante macroeconmic events as well as the most impacting crypto-market movements.
We add simple tables with crucial parameters to provide some data to our members

Our History

Founded in late 2019 by Andreas Passano and Mattia Biancaterra World of Finance became shorty an active Association in Lugano (CH).
World of Finance started operating early in 2020 organizing different kind of events for its members, promoting internal and external networking.
Due to Covid19 limitations it was dificult to expand and meet in person leading to a reduction of its amount of members.
Currently WoF is expanding to new universities and faculties trying to become a stable and well known association in Switzerland.
Different kind of Investments allow to match the real working world with the appasionate members of World of Finance promoting the Universita della Svizzera Italiana (USI), which contributed building up our reality.



Andreas Passano

Vice President:

Alessandro Perroud

Vice President:

Alice Seffusatti

Our Team

External Board:

Sebastiano Aiello

Major Events & Travels Organizer:

Valentina Benedini

Team and Event Coordinator:

Miriam Di Natale


Francesco Recchia

External Relations Manager:

Edoardo Valentini


Ilaria Passano